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Only photos left? We can help. Get valuable information about your loved ones in just a few clicks!

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Can't undergo DNA testing? Then what are you losing? You can find out the truth today!

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Can't do a DNA test? You have the right to know who the father of the child is. Take a photo test today!


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Relatives search by photo

Find your relatives in photos through face comparison, or determine if the same person is in different photos - this will help restore family ties and delve deeper into your ancestry

No analogues

Paternity test by photo

Take the paternity test if you have doubts: check the faces of your children or parents, but remember that this method still does not have the highest reliability


Similarity by photo

Test the faces of any people for similarity, determine who your child looks more like: the possibilities of using the application are limited only by your imagination

Satisfy the curiosity

Your future child

Discover how your possible future child might look, or what your current child, whom you have lost contact with, might look like now, based solely on two photos of your pair. Compare the result with your real child, but do not take these illustrations seriously - they are just a possible variant and the fantasy of a neural network.

When the search hits a dead end

What do your parents look like

Our neural network can demonstrate imagination and suggest based on your photos how your parents, your sister or brother might look. An unreliable method, but for some people, it might be the only clue in their investigation of their past.

Happiness can be seen

Portrait of a child from a 3D ultrasound scan

We will help you see your baby, who is preparing to be born, through his 3D or 4D ultrasound scan. A neural network will create a photo of the newborn based on the ultrasound images you upload. Additionally, such images can even be used to attempt prenatal paternity tests based on photos.

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Make a payment and get access to the test or choose a free test, which will also help to check the quality of your photos before payment


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Each photo must be no more than 6 MB, contain an image of one face and meet the requirements (see below)


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The magic starts here! Save or share the result of your testing and repeat the test with other photos or other people



Our photo kinship determination service is easy to use and does not require special skills. To take the online test, you only need two photos that our AI will process. There is no need to go anywhere and submit tests like with a DNA test. Everything happens on your smartphone.


Compared to traditional DNA testing, our service guarantees fast results. You no longer need to wait hours or days to get answers. Our neural networks process and analyze photos in real-time, providing results almost instantly.


Experience the power and benefits of new technologies. We use cutting-edge machine learning and neural network technologies to analyze and compare faces in photos. Our system has been trained on thousands of images and is constantly improving, ensuring fairly high reliability and accuracy of results up to 80%.


Our photo kinship determination services significantly save your budget. Unlike DNA tests, our service offers an efficient and affordable solution for searching for relatives and verifying paternity since there is no need for expensive equipment, associated expenses, and overhead. Determine kinship online, without leaving home, and save on additional costs!
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Question - Answer

What does the service offer?This service is designed to help you find relatives, reveal the mystery of your origins or the origins of your children. For this purpose, we have developed a unique, innovative test for paternity and other close kinship, as well as a facial similarity determination that can be done inexpensively and quickly within one day, or more precisely, instantly.
What is the idea behind this kinship test?The test is based on the premise of similar facial parameters of close relatives, which is more than just a resemblance discernible to the naked eye. We would call this a common "vibe" or "mood" of the faces. Your face is the external visual manifestation of your phenotype (which is known to be based on your genotype), and it reflects the traits conditioned by your genes, which a person inherits from their father and mother or more distant relatives to varying degrees (see This is why outward similarity often indicates kinship, which was no secret to people long before the invention of the DNA test. This natural ability to determine similarity between close relatives by the face was developed through evolution. The emergence of such ability in humans confirms the interrelation between similarity and kinship. Now, thanks to technology, we can determine kinship by face more accurately and impartially. This will allow you to better understand your genetic heritage.
What algorithms does the test use?The test uses machine learning algorithms (including neural networks) to identify patterns in the facial features of close relatives, such as parents and their children, and siblings.
What is the accuracy of such a test?The close kinship or paternity test based on photos has an average accuracy of 80% (significantly lower for testing infants). This is a fairly high accuracy, in some cases even eliminating the need for a DNA test. Keep in mind that even a DNA test does not provide 100% accurate results and may be prone to errors due to the "human factor" since it goes through many hands.
What is important to know about this method of kinship determination?A distinctive feature of this test is the high accuracy of a positive result and relatively low accuracy of a negative result. If we consider an example where a father, doubting his paternity, uses our test (not random people are tested, but presumed relatives), then with a positive test outcome, the likelihood of his actual paternity is very high. However, a negative test result, in general, does not guarantee the actual absence of kinship, as the child may have a dominant phenotype from the mother or even more distant ancestors. Thus, our test can help you save money on DNA testing by dispelling initial doubts, but not in all cases. In some situations, for example, when only photos of a person remain or a DNA test is not possible for other reasons, our test will be indispensable for determining kinship and searching for relatives.
How to get the most useful information from the test?Our test is not (yet) a full-fledged alternative to DNA testing, but you can approach the testing wisely, which will increase its reliability and bring you maximum benefits. For example, you were adopted and are looking for your mother, you have her data, but you found several women with the same name on social networks. Use the test to compare with all these women - the higher percentage of kinship probability, as you guessed, is most likely to be with your real mother. Narrowing the search in combination with our test provides the best results.
What about testing infants?Testing children under 3 years old is our weak point: infants have an unformed face and, if desired, similar features in their face can be found with anyone. Therefore, you should approach the results of such testing more critically than any other. However, we are working to improve the quality of kinship prediction based on a baby's face.
What are the photo requirements?Rules that will increase your chances of a successful and accurate test: one photo - one face, the face should not be hidden and should be front-facing, a passport-style photo is the best choice. The face in the photo should be as detailed as possible. The order of uploading photos does not matter (except for tests where indicated otherwise), and peers in photos provide more accurate results. IMPORTANT: remember that the front cameras on smartphones will make your selfie mirrored (to make sure the photo is not flipped, you can take a picture against any inscription), and mirroring the face (as well as any distortion of it) leads to unreliable results. And don't forget to use the tests for their intended purpose to get useful information.
How to improve the test results if they are not satisfactory?If the test results are not satisfactory, you can repeat it with other photos where the faces are more clearly depicted, with a calm facial expression, without any objects, and strictly front-facing.
Photo compatibility test, are you serious?Absolutely. Despite the fact that this test can be called entertaining, it has shown excellent results when checked. Interestingly, it seems that this test really can predict a strong heterosexual marriage.
What does a simple face similarity test by photo provide?This test does exactly what it says in the title: it compares faces for similarity. This test does not use the full range of technological innovations as our other tests: it is based on a fairly simple algorithm. This is an entertainment test and does not provide any useful practical information.
What does the "who does the child look more like" test provide?This test compares the child's face with the faces of both parents for similarity: arrange a challenge! This test also does not use the full range of technological innovations as our other tests: it is based on a fairly simple algorithm. This is an entertainment test and does not provide any useful practical information.
Is prenatal testing by photo possible?Technology does not stand still. We are developing a technology for paternity testing of children in the womb. Unlike DNA testing, such a test will not put both parents in an awkward position and will help avoid relationship disputes. As soon as such a test becomes possible, we will add it to our list of tests.
Is it possible to verify paternity without undergoing a DNA test?Now, if you are wondering "how to find out if a child is yours without a paternity test", "how to determine paternity without DNA" or "how to find out who the child's father is without a DNA test", we can tell you that now you can take a test online! However, we must emphasize that our algorithm should not be used as the sole basis for making life-changing decisions. If establishing true kinship is of great importance to you, we strongly recommend that you refer, in addition to our test, to more accurate methods of determining parentage, such as DNA testing, which can provide a much higher level of accuracy and reliability.

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