About Relatives' Face Test

Our service provides an opportunity to take a cheap innovative paternity test the same day. It is based on the premise of facial similarity between close relatives. Your face, like your genome, inherits, to varying degrees, traits from your father and mother. In this test, for the first time in the world, machine learning algorithms have been applied to identify patterns in the images of the faces of the closest relatives, such as parents and their children. The paternity face test can be used as the first step before DNA testing thanks to its low cost and rapid execution. But our test is not without its drawbacks, one of which is its low accuracy compared to a DNA test, which is why its results will not be court-admissible.

One of the main advantages of our service is that you only need two photos to determine the probability of a close relationship, and you do not need the presence and knowledge of the child's father or mother, or the child himself. Use our service to test your friends, familiar or celebrities: two photos with clear images of full faces are all you need for this.

The peculiarity of the definition of kinship by face is that if there are few similarities between two people, then it is still impossible to say that they are not relatives. A child can be very similar only to his mother or only to his father, and sometimes even to his grandfather or aunt. Therefore, little similarity often does not mean anything, and you can continue to compare the child with other relatives or, for example, determine paternity through a test between siblings.

If you are not satisfied with the results of our test, try repeating it with other photographs, where faces are depicted more clearly, with calm facial expressions, without foreign objects (such as glasses, mask, etc.) and strictly full-face.

Now if you are looking for "a paternity test near me" or "how much does a paternity test cost", then we can answer you: it's very cheap and you don't need to go anywhere, you can do it at home!